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Rental platform / autotransporter / trailer / carriage Yambol

I rent a car rental platform. The platform is a Pongratz 2014 production German with a low center of gravity measuring 4 m in length and 2 m wide. weighing 500 kg. and payload 2000 kg + winch. The trailer has new tires, new cores, new bearings, new linings, green card, auto insurance, working lights, adapters for the different socket lights, spare tire. THE TRAILER IS EXCELLENT FOR TRAVELING AT HOME AND ABROAD! ! ! I also rent belts .. Rent: 1 day-49lv 2d-80lv, 3 days-120lv, 4days-150lv, 5days-170lv 6days-180lv 7days-200lv abroad FOR REGULAR CUSTOMERS DISCOUNT IN PRICES! !

09/26 | 20: 09

Selling Flagentyl Varna

For sale Flagentil 500 mg Flagentyl 500 mg

12.09 | 20: 37

Dimming the FANCY autoglass - Pazardzhik Pazardzhik

Dimming the auto glass Pazardzhik We work with quality foil, which gives us a WARRANTY from fading, sticking and scratching. The film is perfectly visible even in the evening! The film has UV protection and reduces the heat in the passenger compartment! Affordable prices! For more information on your phone or Facebook page:

03.11 | 19: 22

Diagnosis and activation of VAG car extras. Vratsa

Do you want to activate an extra or function of your car, make an engine diagnosis, or just clear an annoying mistake? The only requirement is that your car be manufactured after 1995 and belong to one of the following manufacturers - Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat. Car diagnostics are an indispensable convenience for identifying problems that cannot be seen. It allows you to keep your car in good working order and easily troubleshoot problems you cannot find. Some of the diagnostic procedures we offer are: - error correction; - check that everything is good in the car, including the engine; - real-time measurement of engine values. We also offer unlocking of any extras on the car, such as: - automatic switching on of engine ignition lights (fog lights or dipped beam); - closing / opening of power windows via key; - change of >

03.11 | 09: 08

Car paint and tin service. car paint Sofia

Auto Repair offers Full and partial repainting AT ACCESSIBLE PRICES bumper bonding, replacement and THRESHOLDING of thresholds eyebrows ceilings, Hail traces, Sandblasting of entire vehicles REPAIRS .polishing of headlights and entire vehicles.from 09.00 to 18.00 .. Sunday Sun. DURATION AND QUALITY GUARANTEE 882 - Show -

10/05 | 10: 35

Electrical services, construction of electrical installations, services with a lift. Sevlievo

Design, construction of LED lighting and electrical installations throughout the country and abroad. Warranty and after warranty support. Construction and maintenance of street, facade and garden lighting. Truck service. Shop for LED lighting and electrical equipment. 1.Electrical Services. 2. Design, construction and repair of electrical installations in: - Households - Industrial sites - Administrative sites - Commercial sites - Housing - Hotels - Restaurants - Offices 3. Repair and reconstruction of old electrical installations. 4. Connecting electrical appliances, appliances and control meters. 5. Lighting: - Indoor - Exterior - Hidden - Facade - Park - Emergency (EXIT) - Touch (PIR), LED (LED), floodlights. 6. High current installations: - Installation of junction boxes and brackets. - Cabling .. - Electrical panels. Installation of: - Circuit breakers - Circuit breakers - Lightning protection. 7. Installation of: Switches, sockets, fans, stairwells, relays, contactors, transformers, motion and presence sensors, photo sensors, boiler boards and more.

12.09 | 11: 04


15 Враца 15 Vratsa

ON ORDER OF 5 AND MORE BOXES FREE SHIPPING. TEL: 0878190919 Permanent availability. What is OCI: oki 80 mg granules for oral solution contains as an active ingredient ketoprofen lysine salt, which belongs to a group of pain and inflammation medicines called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. What it is used for: Adults: symptomatic treatment of pain-related inflammatory conditions, including: - rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disease that causes pain and stiffness in the joints), - ankylosing spondylitis (a chronic inflammatory disease that mainly affects the spinal cord and spinal cord) ); - painful arthrosis (a disease affecting the joints), - extra-articular rheumatism (rheumatic diseases affecting structures outside the joints), - post-traumatic inflammation (an inflammatory condition on a traumatic basis), - painful inflammatory diseases in dentistry, otolaryngology. Children and adolescents: symptomatic and short-term treatment of inflammatory conditions associated with pain, also accompanied by pyrexia (fever), such as those affecting osteoarthritis, postoperative pain, and otitis media. What we need to know before taking the EYE: Do not take the EYE if: - if you are allergic to ketoprofen, other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or any of the other ingredients of this medicine - if you have a history of hypersensitivity reactions such as bronchospasm, asthmatic attacks, acute rhinitis, urticaria, nasal polyps, angioneurotic edema, or other allergic-type reactions to ketoprofen or to substances with a similar mechanism of action. - if you currently have peptic ulcer or hemorrhage, or if you have previously experienced recurrent bleeding or peptic ulcer. - if you have ever had gastrointestinal bleeding, ulceration or perforation or chronic dyspepsia. - if you have a history of gastrointestinal bleeding or perforation as a result of previous therapy, always take this medicine exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has told you. If you are not sure, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. The recommended doses are: Adults: one 80 mg sachet three times a day while eating. Use in the elderly: the dose should be carefully determined by the doctor, who will need to evaluate the possible reduction in the doses mentioned above. Use in children between 6 and 14 years of age: half a 40 mg sachet three times a day with food. Use in patients with mild or moderate hepatic impairment: nostril should be established at a minimum daily dose.

11/19 | 18: 36

Repair phones, tablets, laptops - change USB (charger) socket Gabrovo

Repair phones, tablets, laptops - change USB (charger) socket. Due to heavy use, the sockets (connectors) fail in a purely mechanical way, most often due to the user's fault. The failure is accompanied by the total or partial loss of working capacity of the device.

09/15 | 19: 04

Diagnostics, adaptations, setup, activation of hidden extras for VAG Vratsa

Diagnosis, adaptations, tuning, activation of hidden extras for VAG cars - Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat at the address specified by the client on the territory of Vratsa. Supported models from 1994 to 2019 inclusive. Inspection, diagnosis and consultation before buying a used car. Some of the services we offer: - Reading and rubbing errors in all controllers - Adjusting the settings and test the functionality of each controller - Logging live data from each controller in real mode of operation - Activating actuators to establish the problems - Deletion and correction of all service intervals - Deletion of impact data from the airbag controller - Correction and test of the odometer arrows - Correction of the display >

10.10 | 21: 45

Auto Weight Diagnostics (Error Friction) 10 BGN Sofia

Troubleshoot errors accumulated in the car computer and diagnose any vag - com problem. The price of the service is 10 BGN. Diagnostics is a weight com and it supports all cars in the weight group with the socket outlet (obdII) - audi volkswagen seat skoda. The ad is valid for the city of Sofia and the city of Lovech. For Sofia I can also come to the place after appointment by phone, as the cost of visiting no matter in which part of the city you are located is BGN 5 extra.

10/26 | 22: 13

CCTV and video security systems Varna

Design, supply and installation of CCTV and video security systems. Large variety of cameras, recorders and wireless devices for IP systems. Guarantee and after-sales service, without monthly fees. The warranty of the equipment 24 months. ENGINEERING ENGINEERING COMPANY "RADIEL" EOOD COMPANY IS AVAILABLE TO YOU AS A SECURITY SYSTEM:

09.10 | 21: 17

Painting and tinting services Painting in a camera Varna

Detail Price 100lv Price for complete repainting 800

09/27 | 23: 57

Pasting polishing car paint services Burgas

Hello we offer the following auto services: car polishing aluminum alloy wheels and aluminum products. Installation dismantling xenon parktronics mounting magnifiers and bixenon opening and cleaning of headlights. Painting and tin services welding with tso manufacturing of fiberglass as well as molds. And other car services we find in the yard of quiet turbo dream service

08.11 | 03: 04

Printing of glass bottles for different occasions Svilengrad

New glass bottles with different capacity. Suitable for a variety of purposes and occasions. Direct printing on individual project. It does not smudge or wash. *** WE DO NOT OFFER ALCOHOL TO THE BOTTLES! Weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, holidays, happy events, occasions ... would be really special with our printed bottles. With an individual lettering designed specifically for you. We take care of your good mood. It takes up to 10 business days to complete the order. Minimum order quantity 10 pcs. * The price includes a glass bottle /0.7 liters thin and long /, a stopper and a monochrome seal of your choice. ** We have a variety of directories that we email or Viber and the Baptismal Directory. We work with Econt, sending the bottles to your comfortable Econt office with a 10% discount on delivery. All shipments have a "View" option and payment is cash on delivery.

07.11 | 10: 28

Windproof curtains for Sofia and the region Sofia

We are a company for wind curtains and we offer manufacturing and installation of wind curtains mainly for the city of Sofia and Sofia region. The work is done according to individual sizes, taken by our consultants. They will come to you and perform a free inspection within the city of Sofia. For Sofia region the inspection is by appointment by phone. The price of the windshield curtains includes weights as well as curtain belts for winding the curtains, mounting caps at the upper end of the curtains for mounting them, and elliptical buttons for laterally securing the curtains. They are additionally calculated if there is a zipper mounting. We offer you a huge color palette. We offer manufacturing and installation of manually collapsible windshield curtains by winding according to individual design. Request a free view within Sofia. We will send a consultant who will take the exact dimensions and explain to you everything important for making the most suitable wind protection for you. Windshield curtains are subject to a change in shape, making them preferred to close rooms that aim for quick and easy ventilation and opening, and at the same time quick and very easy to close. Ordering conditions To order a consultant to visit you, call 877 - Show -. With a crystal thickness of 0.6mm, the price is 35lv / sq.m. With a crystal thickness of 0,8mm., The price is 38 BGN / sq.m. Installation on a wooden base on which the curtain is placed is 25 BGN per piece. Installation on a metal basis is BGN 30 per piece.

10/30 | 16: 24

Diagnosis, coding and activation of extras for BMW and Mini Cooper Silistra

Diagnostics error reading and deleting.-20lv Encoding, activating extras-10-15lv Collecting side mirrors and closing all windows when locked with the key. Double flashing emergency lights; Indicator Lights. Send Me To Home feature and many other extras, but it all depends on the model and equipment of the car if modules are available;

10.09 | 10: 29

Road Assistance Sofia Sofia

Road Assistance Sofia non stop Transportation to a customer-selected service; Transportation to traffic police; Transportation to another city across the country; Emergency power supply; Replacement of tires and light repairs;

12/01 | 20: 33

Platform Plovdiv

Trailers for rent. 1.For 2 cars 8.10m 3.500kg 2.tower for 2 cars 3.500kg Foldable Prices: 24h. - 60lv 7days-300lv 10days-400lv

05.11 | 21: 47

Candy Heroes, Candy Celebrations - 15lv. Nestle sweets - 15lv. Botevgrad

Candy Heroes- 15lv Imports from England

10/31 | 17: 21

Repair of professional sound equipment and music. tools Plovdiv

Repair of speakers, consoles, processors, amplifiers, repair of keyboards and synthesizers. An invoice is issued for every repair! Cerwin-Vega! Pro Audio American Audio Electro-Voice APART AUDAC NEXO RCF ALTO DYNACORD YAMAHA STUDIO PA QSC MACH HED Audio dB Technologies

10/02 | 12: 21

I sell birthday and christmas decorations. Pleven

I sell birthday and christmas decorations. The set includes: 1. 3D digit "1" 60 cm high; 2. 5 table pompons decorated with bears and figure "1"; 3. 3 hanging pumps; 4. 2 table pumps without decoration on them; 5. The inscription "Happy birthday 1", each word separated by a locomotive and a bear; 6. The inscription "Holy Baptism Lubcho", each word separated by a locomotive and a bear.

10/02 | 08: 14

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