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Turkish and Greek detergents

12 Две могили 12 Two graves

Quality Turkish and Greek detergents.

07/25 | 14: 31

Turkish laundry and cleaning products, shampoos and cosmetics

17 Сливен 17 Sliven

I offer washing and cleaning products: Persil gel 4,200l.-17lv. Persil 4.5kg-11lv. Persil 7kg-17lv. Pervol 4l.-12lv. Ariel Ariel7.5kg-lv Ariel Ariel Gel 2,145l.-14lv. Ariel gel 4.5l.-lv. Omo Omo Omo gel 2.7l.-BGN Tursil Domestos 3.5l.-10lv. daff shampoo 600ml-lv. Head Sholders shampoo 600ml - BGN Elsev shampoo 650ml - BGN Clear Shampoo 800ml.- 9lv. garlic shampoo 700ml-6 BGN Bioblas shampoo with garlic 360ml-8 BGN softener Yumosh 1.5l concentrate - 7lv. spray freshener Yumosch - 5lv. Fomex degreaser 750ml-lv. calgon-etgon 1kg.-5lv. universal lime and grease cleaner Porchoz-4lv. detergent for cleaning under Dixie 2.5l.-5lv. liquid soap 5kg-6lv. and others.

06/17 | 10: 06

Imports of Laundry detergents Plovdiv

Glossy Shop, Plovdiv A large variety of all kinds of laundry and cleaning products of proven brands with guaranteed quality! Delivery to anywhere in Bulgaria! Free delivery to the city of Plovdiv! Imports from Turkey, Greece, Germany, Italy. Contact Phone 876 - View - We are located opposite St. Petka Church behind the newly constructed playground.

05/29 | 11: 48

Laundry Detergents from Turkey

18 18

Persil Liquid 4,200lv-18lv, Ariel Powder 6kg-18lv, ABC Powder 8kg-15lv., ABC Liquid 2,145ml-9lv., Softener Yumos 1.440ml-7lv., Kit MR. Muscle-13lv., CIV-13lv., Liquid Soap Bmc-6lv. Sprayer ACE Spray -3.50lv.

22.07 | 23: 57


4 Пазарджик 4 Pazardzhik


07/08 | 18: 35

ARIEL Powder or Liquid for washing! IMPORT FROM GREECE!

1650 Пловдив 1650 Plovdiv

VISIT OUR ONLINE SHOP: *** Universal powder detergent ARIEL ACTILIFT WITH LENOR AND ALPIN for 45 laundries *** ARIEL Laundry gel with Lenor for Universal laundry - 44 pages Super LOW PRICES, link:

11.06 | 18: 33

SECOND-HAND APPLIANCE SHOP Imports from Germany with Warranty

179 Бургас 179 Burgas

SECOND-USE DEVICE SHOP - DIRECT IMPORT FROM GERMANY We also offer other electrical appliances of the brands Miele, AEG, BOSCH, Siemens, Privileg, Liebcherr, etc. Tested and serviced. 6 months guarantee and free transportation within the city. Working hours - 9.30am - 1.00pm 2.30pm - 7pm Saturday and Sunday - 9.30am - 1pm 14.30am - 6.00pm Burgas, Meden Rudnik Str.

07/26 | 12: 34

Softener Yumos preparations

7 Пловдив 7 Plovdiv

Yumos Softener 7.00lv Liquid Powder Yumos 1.5l-7.00lv Perilis for faience.0.750-4.40lv Perilis for lacquers 3.50lv

19.07 | 23: 04

Washing powder

13 Севлиево 13 Sevlievo

Thresholds are very nice. For color washing. Import from England. For a large quantity the order is made and within two weeks they are coming. Currently we have 3pcs.

05/31 | 21: 02

Spray Cleaner

20 Шумен 20 Shumen

Spray mop with tank. I have another one and this one is not used. I'll add more photos.

11.06 | 12: 47

Happy Philips Vacuum Cleaner Filter + 3 Mushroom Filter

25 София 25 Sofia

Hepa filter Hepa filter Hepa filter Hepa filter Hepa FC8476 FC8477 FC8478 FC8479

05/30 | 12: 44

Unique !!! Spray Mop Vileda Spray Pro Unique !!!

150 Варна 150 Varna

SPRAY PRO is the lightest home and professional cleaning system with just one push of the handle.It is designed to work with all Vileda professional mops.It works so easily that no additional training is required, it just fills the handle with water / solution solution / and pull the trigger. It can control the release of water so that the mop is wet, damp or almost dry. Very nice and healthy professional product !!! Easy cleaning with it!

13.08 | 20: 43

Laundry detergents

15 София 15 Sofia

Ariel 3in1 capsules 36pcs - 15.00lv Ariel 3v1 capsules 27pcs - 12.00lv Ariel liquid 42 laundries - 15.00lvDasha capsules 36pcs - 15.00lv Dash liquid 78 laundry - 22.00lv Persil capsules 50pcs - 18.00lv OMel 15 lvl 15 lv 120pcs in a package with lid - 2.00lvSoaps gave different types - 0.95lv Colgate toothpaste - 3.50lv Spray male NIVEA - 4.60lv Spray Female REXON - 4.00lv Fragrances different types - 2.50lv Toilet paper SOFIA 18.00 lv Kitchen paper SOFIA 12pcs - 13.00лв

06/24 | 08: 49

Laundry detergents imported from Italy

990 Варна 990 Varna

Dash Liquid 23 Laundry 9.90лв. Dash Liquid 54Lingerie 19.49лв Dash Liquid 54Lingerie 9.60лв. Dash Dust 92wash 31.50lv Dash Baby 18pr liquid 9.40lv Dixon Powder 74pr. 23.60лв. Dixon powder 85pr 25 lv Dash capsules 40pcs. 16.99лв

05/28 | 18: 23

Faberlic preparations

699 Пловдив 699 Plovdiv

The Oven and Stove Cleaner easily removes even old tanned dirt and grease stains. It is suitable for all types of hobs of metal, ceramics and glass ceramics, gas burners, ovens, grills, stoves, glasses, barbecue and grills. Active formula - quick result! Quickly softens and effectively removes fat, sugar, old dirt. Wash well. Does not contain abrasives. It does not scratch or damage even the most delicate surfaces. Biodegradable. medal-lotos-1s Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the packaging. State Registration Certificate At the annual Crystal Lotus Prize in the framework of the International Forum "Interexposh'2015" (InterBitChem Exhibition), the product received a gold medal. Weight: 566 g., Volume: 500 ml.

13.07 | 04: 42

I sell powder Ariel 7.5 kg Turkish

21 Смолян 21 Smolyan

Ariel washing powder 7.5 kg for white and colored laundry.

07/04 | 09: 17


990 990

Three pieces reserved

26.08 | 02: 31

I sell four nuclear computers

140 140

I sell four core PC with HD 6770 1GB GDDR5 video card! (gray box) Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 8M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB Bottom ASUS P5K31-VM RAM - 4GB Video Card Sapphire VAPOR-X HD 6770 1GB GDDR5 -HDMI Hard Drive Seagate 320GB Hour 2 100% Health Power Fortron with 6 pin video card connector Box MEDION + Card Reader DVD RW Super Multi AVC processor cooler Your computer is freshly installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - licensed + required software (winrar, km player, chrome! Works very well. Video card holds good low temperatures The computer drives games like GTA V, League of Legends, BATTLETECH, Fortnite and more! It is located in Vidin for the country Econt Express with the option Preview and Test at the expense of gender Price 140lv !!!

25.08 | 23: 23

original ace charger

20 20

original new ampere charger for phone call

08/25 | 20: 10

Protective bra for washing bras

6 Бургас 6 Burgas

Keep your favorite bras for the longest time in perfect shape. The case protects your bras from washing damage in the washing machine, the plastic reinforcement built into the lid prevents the weight of other clothes from deforming or creasing the laundry and keeps the banner intact, even after spinning. Thanks to this fuse case, your bras will look new even after repeated washing. Material: polypropylene

08/25 | 20: 08

For sale Warehouse, Plovdiv, Industrial zone - East

750000 Пловдив 750000 Plovdiv

SUPER REAL ESTATE Agency: We offer for sale an industrial building intended for: warehouse, logistics center, production, customs territory, representation, distribution center, technology park or shopping center. Property features The terrain is located in RLE, East Industrial Zone of Plovdiv. Total area of ​​5791 m² with unfinished building of 2400 m² in two separate halves. Height of existing buildings 9m., Distributed in one and two floors. The terrain has two separate entrance - exit highways. Water and energy supply is provided. Provided 160kW of power is provided. On-site security is provided. The terrain is powered by an optical high speed internet connection cable. A complete construction project with a construction visa has been developed and approved for multifunctional application. There is direct access to a prime urban transport network. Location and transport links 1 km from Plovdiv International Fair 0.5 km from Plovdiv main road Pamporovo Smolyan 0.5 km from Plovdiv main road Kardzhali border crossing Makaza / Greece 3 km from Plovdiv charter and cargo airport 2 km from E80 highway Thrace / Sofia-Burgas / 1 km from Plovdiv Svilengrad main road / Greece-Turkey / 5 km from the Saedinenie trade and logistics area 2 km from the freight railway station. Plovdiv Station 3 km away from Plovdiv customs Other advantages The terrain has opportunities for development of the building, communications and transport connections. Its location in an environment of low to medium-sized buildings gives the opportunity to build a total area of ​​2400 m² on the roof of solar panels. Located near the administrative, commercial and banking center of Plovdiv, there are opportunities for quick administrative and office service. Located near / 500m. a straight line / TIR logistic park and center allows communication to be developed for rapid transport services. The distance from 2 km to the biggest sports center in Plovdiv provides unique opportunities for sports and leisure for the serviceman and ... For more information contact us and quote the property reference number. Please say you saw the listing on this site. Reference number: Plv 3008 Phone: 0887403200, 0887403200 Broker in charge: Office Plovdiv

25.08 | 16: 58


10 Сливен 10 Sliven

100% quality of all products! Umos 1.440ml-8.10lv (60 laundry) ABC 1.440ml -7.60lv (60 laundry)

25.08 | 16: 57


100 Сандански 100 Sandanski

I'm selling a projector. Contact phone number is 0877607808

25.08 | 13: 22

Wiper blade KÄRCHER for 29lv

29 Трявна 29 Tryavna

New with broken packaging

25.08 | 13: 20


3 Ветово 3 Vetovo

Brooms turned and long with a stick the price is for pc

25.08 | 13: 20

For sale 1 BRS Apartment, Bansko, Blagoevgrad Region

26000 Банско 26000 Bansko

LUXIMMO Agency: Cozy furnished one bedroom apartment of 77.86 sq.m. Located in Downtown Ski and Spa, Bansko. It has: kitchen with living room, bedroom, bathroom with toilet and terrace. ... For more information contact us and quote the property reference number. Please say you saw the listing on this site. Reference number: LXH BAN 57694 Phone: 0988 15 45 73, 0749 50 490 Responsible broker: Dimitar Jibin

08/24 | 20: 59

Limestone control in the washing machine or dishwasher

1980 София 1980 Sofia

Magnolia Silver is a new generation device that successfully solves hard water problems and enhances the quality of washing and dishwashing. With Magnolia Silver, you can turn any automatic washing machine into a state-of-the-art model, which, in addition to the guaranteed washing effect, also provides complete tissue disinfection. Magnolia Silver is a hydrodynamic water treatment system with nano-silver effect included, which enhances the quality of clothes washing and dishwasher washing, while ensuring complete disinfection thanks to state-of-the-art technology for Nano-Silver Technology disinfection. Nano-Silver Technology The latest generation of disinfection system based on the separation of active silver, whose particles are nano-sized and in every washing machine and dishwasher guarantee a complete disinfection effect. Magnetic water treatment. In the housing of the device made of a special polymer, are embedded a pair of special magnets that form a powerful magnetic field with effective configuration. This reduces the hardness of the water, which increases the efficiency of washing and washing dishes. This allows you to enjoy exceptional results, get complete disinfection and save a significant amount of electricity, softeners, laundry and detergents. Magnolia Silver guarantees: total disinfection in washing machines and dishwashers, thanks to the latest generation of disinfection system - Nano Silver Technology; effective neutralization of scale formation on the heating elements of washing machines and dishwashers, which significantly increases their operation; 100% water softener savings; up to 65% savings on detergents; up to 65% savings on fabric softeners; up to 30% energy savings; excellent results and improved quality of washing and washing dishes; significant cost savings.

08/24 | 20: 57

Bottles for alcohol

4 4

I sell alcohol bottles unused.

23.08 | 18: 06

Lenor pearls

35 35

Fragrant lenor laundry pearls put 1 tbsp on one washing machine

23.08 | 18: 06

Ray Ban

140 Стара Загора 140 Stara Zagora

New Ray Ban frame from London

23.08 | 18: 05

For sale Office, Sofia, Zone B-18

172000 София 172000 Sofia

OFFICE with two entrances to a communicative place near T. Alexandrov Blvd. and K.VELICHKOV METROSTATION. Brick building from 2011. Built-up area - 132 sq.m on two levels: 1st level - two working premises, which are combined, bathroom with toilet. Level II - one room. PVC windows, latex walls, flooring - terracotta, exterior door with roller blind, security system. Heating: air conditioning. It has a three-phase current and a ventilation system. For more details and views: GSM 0883 278 000.

23.08 | 14: 38

For sale Office, Sofia, Mladost 1

28000 София 28000 Sofia

For sale shop / office, which consists of a large work space, corridor, small warehouse and bathroom. It is located in a residential block near Andrey Sakharov Blvd. * Central TPP. * The premises are currently with long-term tenants. * Suitable for both office and shop. * For more information or an overview please call: 0895 614 164 CITADEN GROUP

23.08 | 14: 38

Slipper hanger

005 005

Slipper hanger

23.08 | 14: 37

eggshells without shells

590 590

Do you think you already know all about boiling eggs? You are far from the truth - with Eggies you will discover new unsuspected opportunities. Simply break the raw egg, pour it into the form and close. Drop the form into boiling water and in minutes you will be surprised at the result. You take the egg out of shape - without shells and in aesthetic form! But Eggies can do a lot more. Beat the raw egg. Add salt and spices to your taste and pour the liquid into the form. Optionally, you can add sliced ​​onions, bacon, vegetables or other favorite toppings. Pour the sliced ​​products together into the broken egg together. Close the lid and cook. The result is amazing! A boiled egg will not only be without a ladle. When you cut it, everything will be in it - the spices as well as the additional products you have added. Caution: Do not fill the form upwards so that the liquid does not come out of it when cooking. For a more precise removal of the cooked egg from its form, you can pre-grease the inner walls of the form. The set includes: 6 egg-spoon forms to separate the protein from the yolk.

23.08 | 14: 37

Window Robot

295 София 295 Sofia

Window Cleaning Robot. I sell it as I have another. Never used.

23.08 | 14: 36

For sale 2 BRS Apartment, Sofia, Strelbishte

285000 София 285000 Sofia

*** TOP OFFER AT TOP PRICE *** EXCLUSIVE *** Imot BG. Correct offers a large two-bedroom apartment converted into two separate one-bedroom apartments for rent separately. Apartment 1 consists of: a spacious entrance with a large walk-in closet with sliding doors, a kitchenette with a dining area and a living room, a large bedroom with a balcony in front of it and a bathroom with WC. Apartment 2 consists of: entrance hall, kitchen with dining area and living room, bedroom and bathroom with toilet. Both properties are completely renovated and furnished with new furniture and appliances. They are located in a TOP place in one of the TOP neighborhoods of Sofia in a brick block from 2000. The area has excellent transport links, is located near a future metro station, public transport stops, kindergarten, school grocery stores and office buildings. Within walking distance of Rakovski Stadium, Ivan Vazov Market and South Park / 5min /. The apartment has PVC windows and external thermal insulation. *** RENTED RENT 1800lv. MONTHLY *** WITH KEY. *** THE AGENCY PROVIDES FREE LOAN FINANCING UNDER THE BEST CONDITIONS *** FOR CONTACTS: 02/9741262; 0889934687 / GEORGI NINOV /. *** BUY A APARTMENT IN A TOP PLACE AND GET TWO AiRbnb PROPERTIES WITH A YEAR OF 5000 BGN *** *** EXCELLENT INVESTMENT AT A REASONABLE PRICE ***

08/23 | 07: 45

NEW Thrustmaster T150 Ferrari 1080 degree FFB shutter

280 Шумен 280 Shumen

The steering wheel was purchased on 02.2019. GUARANTEE for PC Store until 02.2021! Everything is played on it 3-4 times for 1-2 hours :) Absolutely like NEW, without any remarks! - 28 cm diameter steering wheel - 1080 ° FORCE FEEDBACK base with Immersion TouchSense technology. - Rotation angle adjustable from 270 ° to 1080 °. - Officially licensed PS4 ™ / PS3 ™ with automatic PS4 ™ system recognition; PS4 ™ / PS3 ™ slider for optimal compatibility with both systems - Long stroke metal pedals. - Brake pedal with progressive resistance. - Ability to fully adjust pedal height and distance. - Mobile attachment system compatible with all types of surfaces (desks / tables / cockpits, etc.). - 13 action buttons (including 2 on the base) + 1 D-Pad. - PC Compatibility: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP. Drivers and additional information at Can also Econt / Speedy with TEST and OVERVIEW!

08/23 | 07: 45

Selling Vintage V6 Icon

400 София 400 Sofia

I sell Fender Strat guitar, the poplar body, the maple is all maple, the color is Boulevard black - distressed. The guitar is new, has been used for about 2 weeks. The keys are replaced with locks, the note is replaced with GraphTech Black Tusq XL, the switchcraft jack is folded. Currently, the guitar comes with Elixir 10-46 Optiweb strings, strapless ones are installed and sold with genuine leather belt. For $ 100 on top, I can add the case shown in the photos, it's versatile for any type of electric guitar. I'm going to add a tuner, cable and a few feathers as a gift because I don't play anymore and I don't need them. A reasonable comment on the price is accepted. Write in person for additional questions.

23.08 | 01: 27

Ел услуги