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3 pcs. carp fishing rods and reels

190 Крумовград 190 Krumovgrad

To my great regret, I have to part with this set of sentimental value for me, as my passion for fishing "started" from it. 2 pcs FL KH9000 1 pcs. FL YF9000 3 pcs. sea ​​eagle 3 lb sticks. Kit for sale. No bargaining.

13.06 | 13: 20

Forselt for the caravan

1300 1300

A brand new forsell all-season, in its original packaging, has not been torn. Size 971-1000 cm. I missed the size of the purchase, it is big for my caravan. This is the site from which it was purchased.

06/05 | 14: 06


450 Пловдив 450 Plovdiv

Forselt with rubberized ceiling. Without remarks. Size 9, 40m land - land.

06/18 | 21: 29

Optics sniper

100 Шумен 100 Shumen

the optics are original taken down by a genuine sniper approaching 1.7 km perfectly closest to 20/30 mint everything on settings and rsbots no scratch for info write to me

06/03 | 17: 53

Bait boat

220 Раднево 220 Radnevo

The boat is Brand - Flutec

02.07 | 18: 10

Bait boat

1150 Плевен 1150 Pleven

Hello Colleagues Selling Carp Madness XXL Power Boat. The boat is used but as new batteries are made at 2 * 18000mAh it is easy to make a 3 day fishing on 6 rods there is a charger for 220v and for a car and 4 lead batteries additionally copied for questions and comments on Personal. Atanas 879 - Show -

03.07 | 21: 15

I sell carp fishing rods, reels.

80 София 80 Sofia

1 "Traser Branko carbon" fishing rods 3.60m.12 ft, 2,3 / Carp Pro case -240 BGN 2. Reels Cormoran BR XL 6000 with two reels 2pcs-80lv. and one Vega Harbor 8000 -80 BGN 3.Direct SENSAS telescope 4m-20lv.

05/31 | 13: 47

Bait boat

500 Свиленград 500 Svilengrad

I sell a flytec boat (only the hull was used ... everything else was replaced). It is made with one motor and rudder. The boat moves quickly and the maximum gas consumption is 4 amps. The motor is 540 series with cooling and can be driven long time without heating.It is equipped with two 13Ah 2s (7.4v) batteries and withstands several hours of continuous driving.The remote is telemetry and in real time you can see the charge on it and the boat.The boat goes with an automatic charger (from 2s to 4s sockets). I prefer a personal test boat test, but it can also travel with an econt if you want For questions, call the telephone.

05/31 | 13: 47

Wheel Balkan

50 София 50 Sofia

Sold as pictured, with no tires and no drips. Original Balkan / for a project /

06/30 | 10: 14

LiIon Li-ion Battery for Electric Bicycle 36V / 10 Ah

210 210

Battery / Battery for Electric Bike 36V / 10Ah - Lithium-ion in metal body. Weight only 3.2 kg. Used only one summer, with 40-50 charge cycles out of a total of 800 charges.

06/05 | 16: 46

Carp fishing lines

200 Шумен 200 Shumen

3pcs SONIK SKS 360 3LV Fishing Rods Very fine and sturdy fishing rods

06/29 | 14: 55

Retro fishing line

40 София 40 Sofia

Retro fishing rod for fishing. The rest of my grandfather, exceptionally well preserved, was probably not used. Very flexible and supple. The bushings fit into each other and are tightened with a thread ring, absolutely no clearance !!! No comment on the price.

06/06 | 05: 09

Power boat with sonar, compass and GPS

1550 Перник 1550 Pernik

Hello Sell Power boat with sonar, compass and GPS. Only once released into the water to test its functionality. I prefer a personal transmission to test with me how it works. Main features: • Dimensions 615x265x180 mm • Weight 2.75 kg. together with the battery • Battery Li-Mn 10A / 3.7V (up to 3 hours) • Speed ​​60-80 m / min • Remote with display and range more than 300 meters • Two high-power 545 motors • GPS + compass + sonar + 2 powerful lanterns Generally speaking many possibilities. 1. 8 GPS points from the body of water into which it can enter on its own, start the power supply and the fishing line and ONLY return to the starting point. GPS accuracy is below 5 meters. When started on autopilot, it compensates for waves and wind. 2. Scans with sonar for fish in the water up to 50m. It also measures the temperature of the water. 3. Carries goods up to 1.5 kg. 4. Guarantees operation with one battery for up to 5 hours. (That is, if a power supply takes 4 minutes to get in and out of the boat, then you can power about 60 times with one battery. Which in a day's fishing is more than enough.) 5. One of the lanterns is below the boat and serves to attract fish For additional information - messages and the specified phone. And here I send with Econt at the expense of the buyer only after the advance payment.

12.08 | 00: 23

Forselt for the caravan

390 390

I sell almost new forsell for a used caravan once. Full equipped kit. For a small caravan. Dimensions: For 560 cm strip.

13.07 | 15: 37

Electric bicycle

850 София 850 Sofia

Bosh electric bike with electric motor and battery

06/29 | 21: 17

Forselt for the Fiamma Privacy Room F45 camper

300 Варна 300 Varna

Fiamma Privacy Room F45 camper forsels, no mounts, canvas only - front and two pages + original bag. Length of the camper 3m or 3.70 (narrow part can be removed). Width - 2.45 in. For height 225-250 cm. All the windows have curtains that curl upwards, there are screens behind them. From above, there is a rope that slides into the camper's awning. The condition is very good, with no holes or repairs. I have no rods or fixtures - they are lost.

07/19 | 18: 15

Direct telescope

50 Варна 50 Varna

Osaka Real Madrid Telescope for sale 8m long. The wand is used but in good condition.

06.07 | 15: 11

Telesurf grauvell

65 София 65 Sofia

Grauvell's unique telesurfing of fishing rod data is shown in the pictures

06/26 | 08: 06

I sell therapeutic tricycle bicycle from owner urgently

850 София 850 Sofia

Very vocal condition preserved wheel. There are 21 wheelchairs for the elderly disabled tires are 20 inches which needs this wheel to call right now from Sofia.

13.06 | 07: 15

Motorcycle bike

250 София 250 Sofia

Sell ​​Velo Chopar with self-propelled motor is driven without a booklet very economically in good condition.

07/03 | 13: 06

Hatsan Air Rifle

90 90

Hatsan Model 85 caliber 5.5 rifle I sell with optics. A little used and quite powerful.

06.06 | 20: 32

power sonar boat + warranty!

1150 Велико Търново 1150 Veliko Tarnovo

Dear Customers, We are pleased to present you- 3. model boats for power supply Bulgarian production! FROM A MANUFACTURER No Charges Nationwide! boats have very good technical parameters, large volume for high load capacity! great durability-up to ....... 12km ... with one charge !!! - SHOW UP TO 60 RODS! there is an electronic display for battery reading! .... there is an algae grille. high light for night lights and lights !, -the replacement of batteries, it is easy and convenient to remove the caps and replace with others ... hook mechanism optional! automatic headlights optional! sonar can also be fitted to any model as desired. prices are from the manufacturer .. thank you for your attention! the warranty has been increased by 12m ......... 18m. SERVICE IN TURNOVO, PLOVDIV, SOFIA, VARNA. We also offer a suitcase for the boat + 60lv.

05.06 | 00: 34

Forselt universal lightweight camper / caravan 2.20m wide

300 Варна 300 Varna

versatile Forselt TRIO Sport Mini, quick stretch, very light 2.20m wide, 2.10m deep, suitable for caravans or small campers. Perfect state.

03.08 | 12: 30

Wheel with engine (tuning)

600 Шумен 600 Shumen

80cc engine wheel with many enhancements such as front disc, carburettor, sports exhaust, sport cable, mileage and more. I prefer a personal transmission. I only reply to a personal message.

07/22 | 10: 41

Electric bicycle Hercules

270 Мездра 270 Mezdra

the battery does not hold current everything else works 24 volts

06/19 | 13: 54

Bait boat

333 Асеновград 333 Asenovgrad

With new management, for repair.

08/08 | 17: 34

Campagnollo-Shimano105 Road Drops

120 Русе 120 Ruse

Hello. I sell retro road drops (clincher 28 inches) with Campagnollo tires and Shimano 105 hubs for 6.7 or 8 wreaths. The drops are in good general condition with little traces of use. They do not have a rim, tires and automatic machines. Thank you for your attention.

07/27 | 23: 21

Olympic Discs Bumper plate fitness weights 5-20 kg

110 София 110 Sofia

Contact phone: 886 - Show - -2pcs x 5 KG: 110.00 BGN -2pcs x 10 KG: 140.00 BGN -2pcs x 20 KG: 240.00 BGN - Suitable for intensive use - crossfit and professional fitness halls, power tribo, squats, etc. . Olympic Disc Specifications: Diameter: 450mm / IWF Standard / Sleeve Hole: 50.4mm With Brass Bore Protective Rubber Edges Tolerance: +/- 20 grams Original Weight Convenient bulging on the periphery of the disc, for easier grip wearing. Minimal bounce - Much healthier than any rubber rims or recycled rubber weights - Less vibration and bounce - Made of unique rubber compound, can be used outdoors without problem - Does not smell, does not smudge, -30% more silent when started from height 9 feet, comparison with rubber weights Disc thickness: - 5KG: 30 mm -10KG: 45 mm -20KG: 75 mm Crossfit, CrossFit, Conditioning, Conditioning Training, Functional Training, Weight Lifting, Olympic Disks, Rods, Rod, Levers, Lever, Small Discs, f50, Kit,

07/25 | 10: 45

Bicycle, wheel motor + VIDEO for mounting NEW

180 Кюстендил 180 Kyustendil

Bicycle engine, Bicycle engine, Moped, Bike engine 1. Engine only - 180 BGN 2.Engine 50 cube set - 220 BGN. 3. Engine 80cc (ordinary) set - 240lv. 4.Engine 80cc. (1st quality) kit - 250lv * We also offer the installation service, delivery is covered by you. 1.Bike set motor - 50cm3 max. power 1.9KW, 6000 rpm 2 strokes, max. speed 35km / h fuel consumption 1.3l / 100km 2.Bicycle engine kit 2 - 80cm3, max. power 3.5KW, 6000 rpm, 2 strokes, max. speed 48km / h, fuel consumption 2.4l / 100km 3.Bicycle engine kit (first quality) - 80cm3, Maximum power 4.1KW / 6000 rpm, 2 strokes, maximum speed 55km / h, Fuel consumption 3l / 100km Delivery through Econt ~ 13lv

07/19 | 13: 14

I sell frame Scott Voltage YZ0.2

85 Девин 85 Devin

The frame has no cracks. With normal traces of use. Sold with bracket, peg, ear and cups.

06/24 | 21: 11

Night Sight Optics

1300 Карлово 1300 Karlovo

there is an original stand for IZH-18MH 3006 with it set 1500

06/21 | 19: 34

Forselt Isabela Ambasador

450 Златоград 450 Zlatograd

Forselt with dimensions 800-825mm # 7 Suitable for caravan - about 4.20m In good condition without torn and wiped Fiberglass String With Curtains

20.06 | 01: 45

Air gun

80 Плевен 80 Pleven

4.5mm is no documents and what brand it is. only people from the city or region write to me or those who come here !!! CANNOT BE SENT !!!

13.06 | 18: 11

Flyer-A unique 26 bike electric bike with Panasonic motor + battery

1599 Стара Загора 1599 Stara Zagora

Hello! I am selling a unique electric bicycle to the Swiss company Flyer! 26 inch ... The bike is all aluminum and in perfect condition! 8 speed Shimano Nexus rear hub. The rudder is height adjustable by a mechanism similar to the seat. The brakes are Shimano's highest class Roller-breaks (BR-IM70-R and BR-IM75-F) and are unique! They stop in all conditions, whether wet or not! Special front hub! The bike comes with the new digital board computer model and features 4 electric speeds on an electric motor that is Panasonic and is extremely quiet, yet very powerful! Other extras are the factory LED headlamp and stop, which are activated from the steering wheel display by which the electric motor is controlled ... Factory built trunk pump (very good)! The bike has a lithium-ion battery with a key and a charger for it. The battery is 100% healthy. If necessary, I can also provide a second backup battery for it. With two batteries it is very convenient, since you always have a ready battery in case you need it :) The bike has a very comfortable gel seat, which in combination with the shock absorber feels like a motorcycle! The price of the new bike is 3000 € ... - one-stop shop for electric vehicles from spare parts to service

08/19 | 09: 15

Bosch powerpack 36v

355 355

Tested, keeps current. 36v 500wh 13.4ah. I have other bosch batteries

16.07 | 19: 20


Bicycle drops of all sizes and hubs to customer's order prices start from 15 leva and depend on the hubs invested.

07.07 | 12: 31

Brand new Tokoz Sol fishing rod - Czechoslovakia

69 София 69 Sofia

Brand new, unused.Perfectly preserved for its time.Very healthy fishing rod made in the former Czechoslovakia.This, in such a condition, is almost no longer found.Length - 220 cm

07/06 | 16: 44

Carp Fishing Rods Diamant Alb Junior Carp 360 / 3.90m - 4lb

42 Свищов 42 Svishtov

price for 3.60m- 42lv per piece or 3 pieces for 120lv price for 3.90m- 45lv per piece or 3 pieces for 130lv New carp rods in 3 parts Diamant Alb Junior Carp 360 - 4lb with modified solid carbon blanks and reinforced action suitable for trophies fish length-3.60m action-4lbs weight-350g transport length 127cm guides 7 pieces - bottom guide 50mm reel holder DPS diameter base 16mm delivery with econt with option review and test-tel.0988220435 all promotions can be seen in the fishing shop "FISHERIES"

11.06 | 09: 14

Trunk for 26, 28 inch drops

25 25

Excellent condition

06/04 | 08: 16

Fulcrum Racing 1 drop roads

899 Пловдив 899 Plovdiv

The drops are in perfect condition. Trailers are very small and have to be separated because of a new set of drops. Straight, with perfect bearings and tires. For shimano wreaths. They're about tubes too. The drops are very firm and responsive.

03.06 | 10: 31

Bait boat

255 Търговище 255 Targovishte

Power and Throw Boat with two containers and up to 500 meters range (safe and tested 300 meters) new with a durable battery warranty. I use one and am happy with the result.

12.08 | 15: 55

Wheel with motor

400 400

Go no problems new mileage ladder and fenders

07/08 | 19: 14

Kit kit, cylinder for engine engine, bicycle wheel

55 55

Great price! Kit for increasing the power and cubic capacity of 50 cubic bikes. This is about 50 cubic Chinese bicycle engines! The size of the piston-45mm. Easy to install - the kit has everything you need! No need to look for anything extra!

09.07 | 23: 34

CILO Swiss road bike

390 Несебър 390 Nessebar

I am selling a Swiss CILO road bike in perfect condition. For further information on the phone .

06/03 | 19: 08

D8 engine barter without barter. Ultimate last price without comer

350 Русе 350 Ruse

The engine is no mistake reinforced for heavier people Russian engine of the ignition and economical with rear new outer and inner tires. No barter.

06/27 | 21: 31

Wholesale and retail electric tricycle AVAILABLE IN SOFIA !!!

799 София 799 Sofia

You can find us on FACEBOOK: el.trikolki Brand new electric tricycles manufactured in 2019 !!! GPS mounting option !!! Working hours every day !!! You can get them JOINED at no extra charge for the service !!! Model BL200 Rental - 799лв. 500W Brushless Motor 48V Lithium Battery 12AH Single-Charge Mileage: 30-35 km Maximum Speed ​​35 KM / N Charging Time: 5-8 HOURS Three-Mode Ice Lights Seat Backrest Metal Luggage Wrench Contact Key Front and Rear Speed ​​Horn Front hand brake Weight: 37 kg Maximum load 120kg Material: High quality steel Pack size 80/70/50 European Certificate (CE) BL200 Luxury - 999лв. 500W Brushless Motor 48V, 12AH Lithium Battery Single Charge: 30-35 km Maximum Speed ​​35 KM / H 3 Steering Wheel Switches Charging Time: 5-8 Hours Three-Mode Ice Lights Adjustable Backrest Seat Large Rear Metal Basket for luggage Contact key Front tire lock Folding rudder Front and rear speed Front brake (manual) Rear disc brakes (foot) Front shock absorber Horn Weight: 42 kg Maximum load 150 kg Material: High quality steel Pack size 80/75/50 CE) Tricycles can be delivered semi-assembled in a box, as well as fully assembled. The difference will be the cost of transport of the courier company. For quantities, please contact me, we make special offers! We also offer installation of GPS tracking module. With the free phone app, you can locate at any time as well as cut off the power of the tricycle !!! No monthly fees !!! For more details on the specified phone. Not included in the price of tricycles !!!

06/19 | 09: 37

3 pcs. Brand new Shimano Baitrunner ST RB 6000 Reels

250 София 250 Sofia

Last price in Bulgaria is 180 BGN Brand new for two fishermen! The price is solid without comment No barter! 3 pcs. Brand new Shimano Baitrunner ST RB 6000 Reels BAITRUNNER ST 6000 RB - A New Shimano Offer Replacing the ST RAIT BAITRUNNER bestseller, the new Shimano Baitrunner ST RB has many improvements! Baitrunner ST RB has systems that make it the best carp reel at this price: Varispeed, AR-C reel, XT7 carbon shell and reel, Super Stopper II, steel bearing, super-strong advance, running smoothly like silk ! Shimano Baitrunner ST RB 6000 - an excellent choice of carp in this price range! Varispeed Gearboxes AR-C Base Fiber System Carbon XT7 Dyna mode System Powerful Power Roller Enhanced Big Spring Coil Free Spool Rear Advance Model: BTRST6000RB Spool Advance: Batterner Weight: 550 gr Number of Bearings Roller bearing Capacity 0.30mm: 270m Capacity 0.35mm: 240m Capacity 0.40mm: 140m Transmission: 4.6: 1 Fiber pickup at 1 handle turnover: 85 cm Spools: No Max Drag: 6 kg

06/19 | 08: 17


110 Кърджали 110 Kardzhali

Sonar for fish in good condition

06/16 | 14: 35

Hatson Hercules Calf 7.62 Air (PCP) Rifle

1400 1400

Hutson Hercules Mud 7.62 Air rifle in excellent condition. Hutson Hercules mud 7.62 is a large and powerful PCP rifle with 2x 500 cc air cylinders that deliver 51 single-tank shots at a maximum speed of 300 ms. There are 2 pcs. 10 chargers. Shot energy is 132 Jul. The rifle is sold complete with: Bottle with compressed air 300 bar + valve Optical Bushnel 3x9 Ball: Diablo - 1500; Polymag - 500pcs. The value of the whole set is about 3000 BGN.

06/04 | 20: 44

I sell a tricycle bike

370 София 370 Sofia

"Balkans" with breakable frame for more compact transport.

02.06 | 00: 33
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