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8th grade textbooks

80 Бургас 80 Burgas

I sell textbooks for 8th grade. Used but saved. Can comment on the price.

09/28 | 17: 56

Disney's Gold Collection

6 София 6 Sofia

Disney's Gold Collection: 20th: Jake and the Neverland Pirates 24th. Cars 8. Playing toys The books are brand new, not opened.

09/19 | 12: 47

Books esoteric, personal development, applied psychology and more

9 Разград 9 Razgrad

I sell books - esoterics, personal development, applied psychology and more. It is possible to negotiate prices when buying several books. 1. Tibetan Book of Life and Death - Sogial Rinpoche - BGN 9 2. The Holographic Universe - Michael Tolbot - BGN 15 3. The Nature of Personal Reality - Jane Roberts - BGN 12 (marked with a pencil) 4. Heart Sutra - Osho - 8 BGN 5. 5. The 48 Laws of Power - Robert Green - BGN 10 6. The Art of Seducing - Robert Green - BGN 8 7. Being a Man Today - Robert Bly - BGN 7 8. How to Fall in Love with You in 90 Minutes - Nicholas Butman - BGN 7 6. Fire Spring - Jalaladdin Rumi - BGN 6 7. Practice of Happiness - John Kehoe - BGN 5 8. Laws of the Spirit - Dan Milman - BGN 6 9. Become a leader; or the formation of personal charisma - K. Titov, G. Kondakov - 6 BGN 10. The legend is reality; the super-phenomenon Slava Sevryukova - Hristo Nanev - 6 leva In English: 11. Transcending the levels of consciousness - David R. Hawkins - 15 leva 12. Everyday enlightenment; the 12 gateways to human potential - Dan Millman - 15 leva 13. Heal Your Self; A journey to find you - Janet Greene - 15 leva 14. Core Transformation; Reaching the wellspring within - Connirae Andreas, Tamara Andreas - 10 leva

09/15 | 17: 23

Disney Gold Collection

15 София 15 Sofia

The books are without packaging but are indistinguishable from new ones. Upon purchase of the 3 prices 40 BGN.

10/29 | 19: 15

Disney Gold Collection

6 Пловдив 6 Plovdiv

1 to 5 are not available !! Disney Gold Collection Available 7, 9, 11, 12, 15,17,18,20, 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,31,32,33 For others ask may be left . Price is BGN 6

10/26 | 23: 38

Books by Barbara Delinski

5 Хасково 5 Haskovo

New books by Barbara Delinski. Price - 5 BGN per piece.

21.09 | 01: 42

8th grade textbooks!

15 Бургас 15 Burgas

8th grade textbooks! Very well preserved! BULVEST 2000 Publishing House! Literature-6,50 BGN Bulgarian-4,32 BGN Music-4,25 BGN Total price: 15,07 BGN

09.11 | 09: 23

Books, fairy tales, children's novels

4 София 4 Sofia

Prices from lv4. up to 10lv. The Adventures of Huckleberry Fine The Three Musketeers Sword Fluff The Killing Classroom - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The Wizard of Oz The Adventures of Lucco Alice in Wonderland and in the Mirror World fairy tales- Timmy failure-price michael ende fairytale without end Matilda - Roald Dahl five fairy tales Petrov Anton and Tocchitsa aneto and Toshka African-5lv small freaks ask- Jordan yovkov stories- before the epic of the forgotten heady nightingale is born the choruses - emilian became the thief of peaches Selected poems - Peyo Yavorov Ad-4.5lv Don Quixote Miguel de Cervantes Hamlet-4.5lv Ivan Vazov. Stories, Travelogues Ivan Vazov Stories Volume 13 Chained Prometheus Aeschylus antigone-3lv Iliad-3lv Wilhelm Tel Friedrich Schiller-3lv Hristo Smirnenski-3lv Nikola Vaptsarov-3lv Valery petrov poems-2lv Fairy tales 4 Vilfilvki 4 4lv I'm Bulgarian Ivan Vazov-3lv roald gdv-7lv Dr. Doolittle-3lv Count Monte Cristo-5lv Mary Poppins-5lv Mary Poppins returns-5lv Kletnitsite-4,5lv OF THE PEOPLES-3lv Heather Peter-3lv The Diaries of the Loser - Book 1-9lv

09/14 | 12: 26

Neda Nikolova - The Maze of Addiction

6 Бургас 6 Burgas

A MOTHER'S CONFESSION First Book "The purpose of this book will be achieved, even if only one person who has decided to try drugs abandons his intention."

11.09 | 09: 29

Legal literature

7 София 7 Sofia

1.General theory of the state - Daniel Valchev (marked with some page marker) 7lv 2.Evolution of constitutionalism - Georgi Bliznashki (new, never used) 7lv

11.09 | 14: 52

A comprehensive collection of recipes for caterers

6 Варна 6 Varna

A comprehensive collection of recipes for caterers. Publishing Technique 1981 Scanned in PDF format on a prescription CD. Contains over 1100 recipes divided and organized into separate chapters. Time-bound book for every restaurant.

11.11 | 02: 03


7 Русе 7 Ruse

Discount when buying more books. For all books a total of 30lv

03.11 | 21: 08

I give 4 books, Zen-Paul Reps, Laodzi, Yoga and Ayurveda-David Froli Stara Zagora

I donate 4 books, Zen-Paul Reps, Laodzi, Yoga and Ayurveda-David Froli and the Laws of Spiritual Success I send with Econt at the expense of the recipient

09/22 | 15: 27

Super DISCOUNT! Content of German->

05.11 | 09: 38

I sell a practical dictionary in English

25 Сливен 25 Sliven

I sell a Practical dictionary in English. The dictionary is quite detailed and contains 1088 pages. Not used at all.

05.11 | 07: 16

Textbooks TU Sofia Faculty of Communication Technology and Technology FCTT

5 София 5 Sofia

Textbooks for the Technical University of Sofia, Faculty of Communication Technology and Technology (FCTT), specialty Telecommunication Engineering and in this field: 1. Manual for laboratory exercises in measurements in communication technology Naydenov, Nikolov 1991 TU Sofia; BGN 2 2. Course Guide for Electronic Switching Communication Systems Seferin Mirchev 1993 TU Sofia; 2 BGN 3. Manual for laboratory exercises on waveguides and feeder devices A. Sladkarov, N. Dodov 1975 Technique; 2 BGN 4. Guide to Electrotechnical Materials A. Todorova, G. Dyustabanov 1989 Technique; BGN 2 5. Coursework Tutorial on Switching Communication Technology Tsvetanka Slavova 1995 TU Sofia; BGN 2 6. A Guide for Laboratory Exercises in Theoretical Electrical Engineering Tsochev, Tsibranski, Ivanov 1990 Technique; BGN 2 7. A Guide for Tutorial Exercises in Teletraffic Theory and Communication Networks Slavova, Radev 1992 TU Sofia; BGN 8. 8. Data Transfer V. Naydenov 1994 TU Sofia; BGN 2 9. Guide for Exercises for Software Assurance of Switching Systems Evelina Pencheva 1995 TU Sofia; BGN 2 10. Guide to Automation of Design in Electronics Boyanov, Raykovska, Mehandzhijska 1993 Technique; 3 BGN 11. Guide for exercises in sealing communication equipment Georgi Bichev 1988 TU Sofia; BGN 3. 12. Software for Switching Systems Bankov, Pencheva, Goleva 1993 TU Sofia; BGN 3 13. Electrical Engineering L. Ananiyev, M. Chaushev 1983, 1988 Engineering; BGN 3 14. Guide to Signal Theory Dimitrov, Penev, Kamenov 1993 TU Sofia; BGN 3. 15. Course Design Guide for Electronic Analog Circuits and Devices Zlatarov, Donevska, Stamenov 1993 Technique; BGN 4 16. Switching Communication Technique Boris Tsankov 1991 Technique; BGN 4. 17. Material Science in Electronics Rumen Pranchov 1989 Technique; BGN 18. 18. Physics (manual for laboratory exercises) Ilkov, Danchev, Lalov 1991 TU Sofia; BGN 4. 19. Design, Technology and Reliability of Radio and Communication Equipment L. Yordanova 1994 TU Sofia; BGN 5. 20. Laboratory Manual for Electronic and Semiconductor Elements and Integrated Circuits Hristov, Vasileva 1988 Technique; BGN 5 21. Theoretical Foundations of Communication Technique Georgi Stoyanov 1993 Technique; BGN 6 22. Communication Technology G. Stoyanov, Y. Slavova 1990 Technique; 6 BGN 23. Electrical Measurements Kolev, Lazarov, Manov 1993 TU Sofia; BGN 7. 24. Automation of Design and Construction in Electronics Boyanov, Raykovska, Furnadzhiev 1991 Technics; BGN 8 25. Mathematical Analysis, second part B. Cheshankov, A. Genov 1991 TU Sofia; BGN 8 26. Physics II part (for students from Technical University) Bonchev, Marinov, Semerdzhiev 1991 TU Sofia; BGN 8 27. Cable Communication Lines Veselin Peychev 1990 Technique; BGN 9. 28. Sealing Communication Technique Bogdan Nikolov 1993 Technique; BGN 10. 29. Radio Engineering Dynamics and Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Altimirski, Hristov 1990 Technique; BGN 10 ---- Sold 30. Electromechanical Devices Bozhilov, Sokolov, Vaklev 1991 Technique; BGN 10 31. Semiconductor Engineering, Part One Atanas Shishkov 1989 Technique; BGN 11 Technical University of Sofia, TU Sofia, Faculty of Communication Technology and Technology, Telecommunication Engineering.

10/26 | 04: 41

Animals from around the World - Illustrated Encyclopedia Publisher: Pan

1499 Казанлък 1499 Kazanlak

Animals Around the World - Illustrated Encyclopedia Publisher: Pan Hardcover

03.10 | 22: 00

Collection Recipes for school meals and chairs

40 Плевен 40 Pleven

Brand New "Collection of Recipes for School Eating and Chairs," Tech.

10/01 | 13: 51

Math and Bulgarian textbooks for 7th grade

5 София 5 Sofia

Mathematics and Bulgarian textbooks for 7th grade KNOW they are new. 1.- 5 BGN 2. - 5 BGN 3. - 3 BGN 4. - 3 BGN 5. - 3 BGN

09/30 | 10: 54

Glass house

7 Велинград 7 Velingrad

Book on the series Glass House by Vanya Shtereva

07.12 | 01: 33

Book about the Lenin Technical University Sofia

10 София 10 Sofia

1975 Special Edition Color Photos Thick Pages The price is per piece I have 4 pieces

07.12 | 01: 33

English textbooks

10 Пловдив 10 Plovdiv

The textbooks have slight traces of use but are preserved.

07.12 | 01: 33

Textbooks by profession

10 Стара Загора 10 Stara Zagora

Finance - $ 4.00 Information Systems - $ 6.00

07.12 | 01: 32

LED lamp 6W G9 Neutral White Light

770 770

LED Lamp Power: 6W Socket: G9 Operating Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz LED Model: SMD Lighting Angle: 300 ° Luminous Flux: 550 lm Light Color: Neutral White 4000K Useful Life: 30,000 Hours On / Off> 15,000 Working environment: -20 ° to + 45 ° Dimming: No Energy class: A + Dimensions: Φ19 x H6m For more information and orders

07.12 | 00: 23

French book The Novels of Maupassant Varna

I am selling a brand new book in French

07.12 | 00: 23

Peter Goryanski - The girl who was a dream. 1938

37 37

Peter Goryanski - The girl who was a dream. Poetry. Publisher Testaments 1938 pages 54

07.12 | 00: 23

History of the Bulgarians from Macedonia. Volume 5: The Serbian and Greek Terror of the Bulgarians after the First World

2070 София 2070 Sofia

Author: Grigor Velev Volume: 368 pp. Size in mm: 160 x 240 Publisher: East - West Cover: Hard Year: 2018 Condition: New (in stock at supplier) Ka 888 History of the Inner Macedonian Revolutionary Organization. Acad. Velev's texts are distinguished by their uncompromising faithfulness to the historical truth achieved through the work of thousands of documents, memories, biographies, and scientific research. The author is distinguished by versatile awareness, in-depth knowledge of events, processes, life paths and the ideas of hundreds of bright personalities. These masses of information are interwoven into a synthesized, successfully structured account of the historical vicissitudes experienced by the Bulgarian people in dramatic and brutal times. "Why did I get involved in this large-scale research? Because Macedonia was and is an integral part of the Bulgarian historical destiny; because almost 2,500,000 Bulgarians in present-day Bulgaria carry the living and blood connection with the citizens of present-day Vardar and Aegean Macedonia; because 7,500,000 Bulgarians , 1,100,000 Vardar Bulgarians and 250,000 Aegean Bulgarians share a common genetic code, because our nation's strength and spirit are torn apart and our current political elite is bereft and alien to our national ideals and national cause. gave a decent answer a thief of the "makers of the Macedonian nation" who not only falsified historical facts and events of Bulgarian national history, but also dealt with the physical destruction of every trace that reminds of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian state, Bulgarian culture and Bulgarian national identity. " Academician Grigor Velev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts Grigor Petrov Velev was born on January 22, 1935 in Haskovo. He completed his primary and secondary education in his hometown. In 1958 he graduated from the Higher Medical Institute - Plovdiv and went to work at the First Regional Hospital in Haskovo as a pathologist. In 1960 he took a specialty in pathology and was appointed Head of the Pathology and Anatomy Department. After a competition in 1966, he began working as an assistant at the Department of Pathology at ISUL, Sofia. Prof. Dr. Grigor Velev is married, has two children and three grandchildren. He specializes in liver and liver immunopathology in Moscow and Paris. His scientific work includes 137 publications in the field of gastrointestinal, liver, cancer and immunopathology, including five monographs. Under its editorship are written "A Guide for Physician Pathologists in General and Clinical Pathology" and four textbooks for students in "General Pathology" and "Clinical Pathology". He is the co-author of four Guides for Practical Pathology Exercises. Since 1989, Prof. Dr. Grigor Velev has been actively involved in political journalism from the perspective of modern building nationalism. He has published more than 160 articles, analyzes and commentaries on current political events in Bulgaria and abroad. He has participated in dozens of broadcasts on various televisions on political issues in Bulgaria. In 1995 he headed a team of prominent Bulgarian scientists at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for the creation of the Bulgarian National Doctrine. In 1997, the doctrine was presented to President Petar Stoyanov. In 1998, the Doctrine was submitted by representatives of the UDF, VMRO-BND, DP, BANU-NS to parliament for discussion. In 1997, Prof. Dr. Grigor Velev was elected chairman of the Scientific Center for Bulgarian National Strategy, created under his initiative, which develops projects and programs dedicated to various problems related to the successful development of Bulgaria. It employs about 70 scientists.

12/06 | 23: 09

Beyond the Law of Attraction

2070 София 2070 Sofia

Author: Brenda Barnaby Volume: 198 pp. Format in mm: 175 x 145 Publisher: Silver Bell Softcover Release year: 2010 Condition: New, not read Ka 888 How to achieve abundance in your life Beyond the Law of Attraction is a book that will help you change your life. From it you will learn how the laws that govern the universe work and how to apply them in your life. Many people already know about the Law of Attraction and realize that they can get whatever they want. But it's not that simple. If you want to change the world you live in, you have to change your way of thinking. Beyond the Law of Attraction explains clearly and understandably how to focus your energy and allow for wealth and success in your life. Prosperity and abundance are at a distance. The question is what focuses on ...

12/06 | 23: 09

Coast by murky waters

1350 София 1350 Sofia

Author: Joe R. Lansdale Volume: 280 pages Format in mm: 215 x 140 Publisher: East-West Paperback Year of publication: 2014 Condition: New, not read (in stock at the publishing house) Ka 888 Beautiful May Lin dreams of she becomes a Hollywood star, but a mysterious killer takes her life. Her friends Sue Ellen, Terry and Jinks find, among her things, a card that takes them to a large sum of stolen money. Each of them has a reason to want to escape the burden of living in the American South, so they can easily come up with a plan to dig up May Lin's body, burn it, and carry her ashes to Hollywood to make at least part of her dream come true. . Escape becomes a nightmare. The kids are being chased by both a corrupt cop and their unscrupulous uncle, and by a monstrous serial killer ... and it soon becomes clear that their worst nightmares are about to come true. "The most powerful, righteous, and resonant voice after Huckleberry Finn - magnificent and fearsome, The Book of the Waters of Clouds is a masterpiece created by a true genius." Dan Simmons "Reading Joe Lansdale is like listening to your beloved uncle, who happens to be a superb storyteller. This book deals with dark and strange matter, but is extremely compelling in the way it is told in the first person by young Sue Ellen - a really bright image. " Dean Kunz "Joe Lansdale is one of the dark kings and masters of the mystery. He deserves to be mentioned alongside the names of the best." John Connolly

12/06 | 23: 09

The price of inequality

2970 София 2970 Sofia

Author: Joseph Stiglitz Volume: 544 pages Format in mm: 220 x 155 Publisher: East-West Hardcover Release year: 2014 Condition: New, not read (in stock at the publisher) Ka 888 Inequality is not inevitable. Но през последните години свръхбогатите успяха да наложат своите интереси и тяхното състояние достигна мащаби, които е трудно да си представим. Неимоверният ръст на тяхното богатство обаче се получи за сметка на потискането на истинския динамичен капитализъм. Свръхбогатите направиха Америка страната с най-ярко изразеното неравенство от всички напреднали индустриални страни, изопачиха политическия дебат и създадоха едно разделено общество. В „Цената на неравенството“ Джоузеф Стиглиц, един от най-знаменитите икономисти, разкрива влиянието на неравенството върху демокрацията и правната система на САЩ, като изследва как паричната и фискалната политика, както и глобализацията, водят до драстичен ръст на неравенството. Носителят на Нобелова награда по икономика Джоузеф Стиглиц е автор на редица книги, посветени на глобализацията, свободните пазари и глобалната финансова криза. Стиглиц е бил председател на Съвета на икономическите съветници при президента Бил Клинтън и главен икономист на Световната банка. В момента преподава в Колумбийския университет. "Джоузеф Стиглиц е безумно добър икономист." Пол Кругман


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