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Bait boat

690 Стара Загора 690 Stara Zagora

The boat is perfect

09/10 | 07: 07

Bait boat

850 Чирпан 850 Chirpan

Power boat + 4 batteries + joystick + sonar perfect condition

09.09 | 17: 48

bait boat

699 699

the boat was launched just to test, sizes 75/30/20. Sold with 6 channel telemetry equipment you can monitor the battery voltage of the boat on the control display.There is a second alarm when the battery starts to fall.Two lithium polymer batteries of 5000m amp, charger, baskets made for fishing rods lights. WITHOUT BARTERS AND PRICES !!!

10/27 | 10: 54

Spinning fishing rod

140 Кърджали 140 Kardzhali

Spinning is for several uses, without notice. 2,7m. 10-40g share

10/25 | 09: 54

BOSCH Powerpack 400 battery for electric bicycle rack

499 Пловдив 499 Plovdiv

BOSCH Powerpack 400 - Electric bicycle battery for trunk round socket Purchased from German ibey and in excellent condition !!! the description said it was for sale because of the lack of a wheel (literal translation) anyone can figure out for themselves what the issue is.

11.09 | 16: 20

Carp fishing lines

250 Шумен 250 Shumen

3 pieces of wind blade 3.60 4,5lb length 3 ryobi ecusima 8000 reels with twisted fiber. The fishing rods are new to 3 fishermen.

09/27 | 20: 28

Drops 28

60 Пловдив 60 Plovdiv

The drops are 28 ка cartridge is 7 ца, also for disc brakes.

10/09 | 12: 54

Wheeler road bike

2000 София 2000 Sofia

The bike is in excellent condition, serviced, imported from Italy. Mounting a Campano bike, 20 speeds, dual control, 8 pounds, full carbon.

19.09 | 02: 00

Bait boat

550 Варна 550 Varna

The boat is a catamaran type very reserved with two motors very stable in waves and fast. The boat is after repair all the parts inside are new as well as the remote control which has a telemetry range of 500 meters. There are white front lights and rear red ones for nighttime insertion and a voltmeter to monitor battery voltage. The dimensions are 85cm in length. width 25cm. height 20cm. The boat is complete with battery and charger

25.09 | 00: 18

Bait boat

1150 Варна 1150 Varna

The power boat was lost in England

10/04 | 07: 10

HATSAN 125/5 air rifle. 5

250 Ловеч 250 Lovech

Hello I am selling a HATSAN 125 5.5 rifle in perfect condition almost no match with it I have had it for 2 years and one cup box I have not spent standing in the cabinet I decided to sell it to someone for its intended purpose. I give it with a stylish waterproof case, I shot it and with all the documents the rifle is registered in the CBS. Only a personal show with a courier transfer has no chance. The price is 250 BGN.

01.10 | 09: 20

I sell aluminum bike with no battery 500lv

500 Карлово 500 Karlovo

The seven-speed bike has no battery

09/24 | 16: 32

Spinning Rod for Ultra Light Spinning Pontoon 21 - GAD Gancho - 1. 83 m, 0. 5-4 gr

15990 Сандански 15990 Sandanski

Spinning Fishing Rod for Ultra Light Spinning Pontoon 21 - GAD Gancho Length-1.83 m Action-0.5-4 gr

18.10 | 08: 20

Bait boat

550 Пловдив 550 Plovdiv

.Excellent, very quiet and light weight 4.5 kg. Dimensions d63-w25v18

09/10 | 07: 07

FL Prado direct telescope -6m / 7m / 8m

74 Свищов 74 Svishtov

price for 6m-74lv price for 7m-79lv price for 8m-95lv New model FL direct telescope made of high-grade carbon fiber Japanese carbon fiber with excellent quality and design, thin form, tight, solid action, very light and balanced, suitable for rivers as well as closed reservoirs length-6m / 7m / 8maktion-10-40gr weight-219gr / 295gr / 390grtransport length -120cm / 122cm / 124cm sections-6/7/8 material-high-modulus carbon diameter base -23mm / 24mm / 26mm delivery with examination and test option (5lv) tel.0988220435

09/23 | 09: 47

Flytec Power Boat

220 Пловдив 220 Plovdiv

The boat is improved with three-propeller blades, the motors are turned to rotate in one direction, so the water jet is in one direction and the boat moves in a straight line only four times. Works perfectly.

09/21 | 13: 26

Carp fishing lines

110 Павликени 110 Pavlikeni

The fishing rods are Shimano Alivio 3.60 3.5lb in three parts. With normal traces of use.

09/14 | 20: 18


100 Разград 100 Razgrad

Ladies' bike very well preserved

04.11 | 16: 28

Bait boat

700 700

The boat has a reconfigured bottom to accommodate two 6v / 12 ah batteries. There is also propeller protection. Sold with batteries and another axle m5 at both ends. Currently with axle m5 to the engine and m4 to the propeller. The propeller is two-bladed ,5 57.5mm pitch 49mm.Tried range 350m.

01.11 | 15: 13

Power boat complete with Sonar Yachting FC 65

1400 Варна 1400 Varna

Please read the descriptions! Price 1400 BGN! Discount on purchase with fishing line kit! Power Boat - Dimensions 70X40X25cm, two 10,000 mAh batteries. The boat is in excellent condition and works without notice, with minor scratches at the bottom of the hull. Sold with Yachting FC 65 sonar kit. The price is final, only sold as a kit - everything is described and photographed, I am not interested in exchanges / replacements and more. The ad is for personal submission.

10/26 | 10: 38

Tennis diva with diva xiom tree and used guantum tibhar tires

60 Хасково 60 Haskovo

The tree (diva xiom) has been played three times and the tires (tibhar guantum) for 6 months.

11.10 | 14: 08

Rhythmic Gymnastics Sasaki Pastorelli

10 Плевен 10 Pleven

I sell rhythmic gymnastics equipment. If anyone has an interest they can write for more information on PM. Sasaki (RIGHT) SOLD! Pastorelli SOLD! -F16cm training ball. Pastorelli SOLD! - training bats Pastorelli 12lv. - training rope Pastorelli 12lv.

09/28 | 06: 42

Power Boat Radio Control - New

75 Добрич 75 Dobrich

1.Turney TGY-i6 radio control - 140 BGN 2.4 channel HK 2.4Ghz 4Ch V2 radio channel - 75 BGN 3. Turnigy T6A-V2 AFHDS 2.4GHz radio equipment - 88 BGN 4. HK-TR6A V2 receiver - 30 BGN 5. Flysky telemetry receiver FS-iA6B 6CH with iBus Port - 35 BGN 6. FlySky FS-R6B Receiver - 29 BGN

09/17 | 07: 16

Gymnastics Tights

300 София 300 Sofia

The leotard has over 4,000 stones, as well as large sewing stones. Child's height: 147cm.

10/24 | 18: 31

Rhythmic gymnastics jersey

50 50

The leotard is for an 8/9 year old girl. Length 47 cm, length of sleeve 42 cm.

13.09 | 05: 35

Spinning rod DAIWA LATEO Spinning 90M-Q

380 Пловдив 380 Plovdiv

DAIWA LATEO Spinning Rod 90M-Q 2.74m. 10-50gr. -The perfect price in the store 510lv -

12.09 | 17: 05

Electric wheel / bike with battery and charger

450 Търговище 450 Targovishte

Electrically operated. Battery 24c. 10Ah. Charger 29.4v 3A. 250 watt motor. Two pedal and throttle modes. The bike is driven every day for about 10 km. The mechanics are perfect. 7 speeds built into the counter. Front rear brake. The reason for the sale is that they gave me another one. THE PRICE IS BATTERY WITHOUT BATTERY AND CHARGED. I sell it because of the received letters and calls everyone is worried about the battery.

12.09 | 12: 26

Optical sight, Optics BARSKA

220 Стара Загора 220 Stara Zagora

1-4mm Zoom Lens 24mm Lens Visor Cross

17.09 | 15: 10

bait boat Stara Zagora

Power Boat Large with built-in GPS. The boat is equipped with a lithium battery. The boat has a 5.8GHz radio remote control display. The accuracy of the GPS is 1m. and can memorize one starting point and 20 fishing points. The GPS is adjusted by the remote and all information is displayed on the remote display. If the boat loses the signal from the remote for more than 10 seconds, an automatic starting point returns. When the boat reaches the fishing point, it stops and an audible signal is heard from the remote. You can switch to manual mode of the boat at any time. The boat is accompanied by a user description in Bulgarian, at client's request we offer a demonstration of all Functions of the boat.

11/13 | 11: 03


40 Хасково 40 Haskovo

Works fine, one tire must be replaced, imported Germany

11/03 | 10: 23

Spinning bait

65 Пловдив 65 Plovdiv

For sale. For more information write.

11/02 | 18: 47

I sell sert exceed spinning rod and sakura silver code reel

120 София 120 Sofia

Hi I am selling spinning pulley and fishing rod in very good condition. The set includes - fishing line, reel and box with lures - 120 BGN. Fishing line - 50 BGN Reel - 70 BGN

10/26 | 10: 38

Air gun

70 Добриново 70 Dobrinovo

Hutson Air Rifle 5.5

10/23 | 08: 57

Carp Fishing Line - Grauvell Specialist Travel Travel 12 - 3lbs

89 Варна 89 Varna

It has been used 2 or 3 times and I gave up Sharanji fishing. The wand is like new, it has no notes and scratches. It is very convenient for traveling. It was purchased a few years ago at a price of 260 BGN. Grauvell Specialist Travel 12 is made of carbon with perfect action and allows far and accurate casting. Length: 3.6m. Trans. length: 95 cm. Number of sections: 4 Test: 3 lbs Weight 330 g.

10/19 | 11: 03

Promotion! Batavus Electric Bike with Frame Built-in Battery

1290 Стара Загора 1290 Stara Zagora

Luxury electric bicycle Batavus, high class, all possible extras for one bike. Built-in battery. Motor power 500 watts. It is operated with a throttle handle like a scooter, without the need for pedals. Seven Shimano speeds with display. Charger. The bike is an original Dutch bike with the Batavus brand and has nothing to do with Chinese electric bikes. The bicycle is an urban type with a low frame. Suitable for ladies and seniors. Single Charge Distance: 55 to 95 km. depending on the driver's pounds. Maximum permissible load 150 kg. Complete with original charger and battery. The bike is in perfect technical and visual condition complete with a charger. Three electric speeds. Lightweight aluminum frame.

12.10 | 22: 54

Electric bicycle aluminum

1700 Елхово 1700 Elhovo

28 Inch Hydraulic Brakes Like New with Charger and Key for Very Few Kilometers.Here's a link to the model

09.10 | 07: 36

Fishing Reel -

20 София 20 Sofia

The fishing rod is a vibrating glass with a cork handle with reinforced guides. German - very little used very well preserved very reliable and flexible 2.30m. Not Chinese - The pulley is 3-bearing-brand new with new fiber can be used for bottom and float and 20lv .. sold kit-the price is solid !! for Sofia may also personal broadcast 886 - Show - -Mitko

05.10 | 15: 25

Table tennis racket

50 София 50 Sofia

Rucanor Table Tennis Rack! Second phone number: 882 - Show -

09/29 | 04: 11

Aluminum electric bicycle

1200 Елхово 1200 Elhovo

26 inch 8 speed bike built-in is at 1400km price without charger 600 BGN WITHOUT NOTES AS NEW

10/26 | 19: 15

Carp fishing lines

160 Габрово 160 Gabrovo

3 pcs. Carp rods length 3.60 with reel bite and twisted fiber. Separate 60lv. per piece

10/26 | 17: 52

I'm selling a Bulat knife

500 София 500 Sofia

Piston Steel Blade Length 150 Thickness 3.5 Overall Length 280 Hardness 64 HRC

10/24 | 22: 48

direct telescope PREMIER IM7 CARBON 6m, 7m, 8m

55 Свищов 55 Svishtov

price for 6m-55lv price for 7m-59lv price for 8m-72lv direct telescopes ROBINHAN PREMIER IM7 CARBON 6m, and 7m - top model of the brand, extremely light, made of high class IM7 carbon, with a thin blade, a tight construction, very light and balanced, with a hollow top on which is factory mounted a connector for hooking the line, with reinforced action, suitable for both rivers and closed reservoirs length-6m, 7m, 8m action-10-45 weight- (6m-210gr) (7m-287gr) (8m-380gr) transport length - (6m-128cm) (7m-132cm) (8m-139cm) sections-6,7,8 material-high-modulus carbon IM7 blade diameter at base - (6m -21mm) (7m-23mm) (8m-25mm) mm) send with review and test option (5lv) 988220435 MORE SUPER OFFERS YOU CAN SEE HERE:

14.09 | 21: 52

Carp set of fishing rods, reels, stand and more.

500 Стара Загора 500 Stara Zagora

I sell carp kit - 3pcs carbon fiber fishing rods Shakespeare Zeta carp 360 (2 pcs) - 1pc. 3-pole case Sert - 3pcs Diamant Alb XW11000 reels brand new for two fishermen, with new twisted fiber (cord) 0.40 450m.- 3pcs. FL signaling devices with input for luminaires - 3 pcs. stand for 4 rods, if desired, can be replaced by the bars for 3 rods, 1pc.cases for the stand.The whole set is without scratches or traces of use the reason for sale is that I do not have time for this pleasure.The price is firm and does not comments !!!

11/01 | 09: 16

Fixed / Single, Fixie

180 София 180 Sofia

Just look at it. It's perfect. There's not a single spot. I just couldn't remove those spots in the seat skin. May need some advice from a sari / shoemaker. Tires are three-way special for fixed, flip-flop hub with free and fixed rim, chain tensioners. I have new tires for it and I will give them to you if you like it, there is also a special rear fender that I have not fitted. I'll only put it if you want. 180lv winter price

11.09 | 06: 07

Drops bontrager bontrager

200 Пловдив 200 Plovdiv

Drops bontrager 28 "in excellent condition, no bends and repairs, lightweight and durable, shimmer cartridge downloaded from track. Complete with QRs, bontrager hubs.

10/28 | 17: 12

Grizzly B1-4 5. 5 mm Air Rifle, with new Bushnell 3-7X28 optics

130 Варна 130 Varna

Very nice unused 5.5mm rifle. Ideal for training children and young people and hunting small birds and rodents.

10/28 | 14: 19

NEW! Rhythmic gymnastics jersey

230 Стара Загора 230 Stara Zagora

NEW! Rhythmic Gymnastics Tights 122-128

14.10 | 07: 55

MAUZER hunting carbine

1950 с. Рогош 1950 Rogosh village

Hunting carbine MAUZER cal.8x57 for sale. The weapon is in very good condition and is equipped with Zeiss optics with einhag mounting. If you are interested in purchasing, you must have a CBS authorization. I do not communicate with messages. For more details please contact the phone number provided

10/07 | 18: 43

Promotion! ! New German Electric Bicycle 26 "Inch

995 Стара Загора 995 Stara Zagora

Promotion !!! New Light German INTERBIKE Electric Bike with Lightweight Aluminum Frame and Speed. Speed ​​24 Shimano - Japan Engine: brushless hub motor, 36 volts Power: 350 watts Steering: throttle battery Battery: 36 V - brand new Mileage: up to 40 km single charge (depending on riding style) Brakes: Disc Seat : PROPHETE Citysattel Wheels: aluminum triple-walled tires Tires: black, with white reflective tire edge Fork: ZOOM Steering: PROFETA Aluminum trunk, with angle adjustment Handles: Citylenker with ergograph Luggage compartment Luggage compartment Luggage compartment. Stand: Premium aluminum stand Frame: Alu-Urban Elegant frame, frame height 48 cm Shock absorbers: Front - Zoom, Rear - Rock Shock Rearview mirrors.

03.10 | 17: 45

Combined hunting rifle CZ 584-03 with two sets of barrels Kubrat

Hunting Combination Rifle ChZ 584-03 with two sets of barrels for sale, 12 / 70-12 / 70 with extractors, 12 / 70-5.6X52 R, Good condition, mainly used hunting barrels and notes, combination barrels are very well preserved. Weapons are used regularly.

09/29 | 20: 41
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