search furniture and interior accessories on request "Kitchen corner sofa. With mattress mechanism and luggage chests." in the city of Plovdiv

    Kitchen corner extensible. With mattress mechanism and luggage chests.

    358 Пловдив 358 Plovdiv

    Kitchen and corner extensible. With mattress tailored and zoom and chest and luggage. The pair and the corner are a chest for storing things as well . Kitchen and corner with un and vertical direction. With am and you determine the direction of the angle a-left and l and right. Size and : 205/130/85-h. Damascus luxury jacquard. Possibility for and collection of damask The price of kitchen and corner for in and with and from the damask.

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    Kitchen corner

    150 Пловдив 150 Plovdiv

    Extendible kitchen and corner in very good condition and is 4 pieces and Size and 210cm x 190cm

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    I donate beds and chests Plovdiv

    I give a few beds and a chest, and they are healthy.

    06/19 | 12: 23

    Hall corner

    220 Пловдив 220 Plovdiv

    Living room corner with 2 stools and armchair Pretap and center and it was used a little later, which is why we do not know about Bulgar and her. I sell it, because with a bunch and a new smaller one.

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    Armchair with mechanism

    250 Пловдив 250 Plovdiv

    The armchair is one year old and from an apartment that has not been used In another one they have an announcement and another section and a coffee table

    06/20 | 19: 25

    Bed with lifting mechanism

    380 Пловдив 380 Plovdiv

    Small and used bed with size D 204, W 126cm, H 95 cm wide and boards, floor and housing 30 cm. The mattress is double and barrel, of memory and foam with size and D 190 cm, W 120cm, H 15 cm and removable is a case - it can be washed in the washing machine. The price includes both the mattress frame and the mattress. The bed has a pendant and a pants tavern and a zum - 2 pieces of amortise and sulfur.

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    Sofa threesome with mechanism

    80 Пловдив 80 Plovdiv

    Used van and van with pull-out tavern and zoom in pretty much kept in and out of an armchair from the kit to it!

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    Reduced cost of a living room corner furniture

    100 Пловдив 100 Plovdiv

    Living room and corner , smelt , and wound, in very good condition. Under the bathtub and at an angle and module and space for luggage. It does not stretch. Price: 120 lv

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    Bedroom with lift mechanism - Massif. Available!

    376 Пловдив 376 Plovdiv

    With love SEA FROM LOVE and made of natural wood - white pine, for mattress 144/190 cm. It has a pendant and a pendant with gas and cushion and sulfur , and a bottom / fasher which swells in the dream and the cat. /, turning the space under the bed into a convenient place to store and belong to . The bed can also be used with one and a tube and a mattress. For the barrel and the tube and the mattress and , by means of the mattress and the frame , the design and the insert and / and the cat No. 3 must be changed. Possibility of working in both sun and in dual size and color. Perfectly designed and for your home. The price does not include mattress and mattress frame !!! For mattress 164/190 cm price -396 BGN

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    258 Пловдив 258 Plovdiv

    THE BED IS LISTED FROM THE NEEDS WITH THE THREE WOODS WITH THE INA-BOR IN THE FLOWERS We also offer large mattresses in large companies in the country.

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    Living room theme # living room furniture # living room corner

    450 Пловдив 450 Plovdiv

    E and the bath is a lot to keep. I sell it for it is very big and I can't even get a kitchen in the room.

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    kitchen chest

    20 Пловдив 20 Plovdiv

    skr n 110 cm in juice, in good condition and is cherry

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    Kitchen Table

    70 Пловдив 70 Plovdiv

    New and wooden and chairs, with garter and damask. The price is for 2 chairs.

    02.08 | 01: 02

    New kitchen counter

    99 Пловдив 99 Plovdiv

    Kitchen and hob with size and 169/60/4. New. Mater and al MAP. By order, but it is blended in with the color of another and its countertop, that's why we sell it. L i chto broadcast for Plovdiv and c

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    Kitchen chairs

    40 Пловдив 40 Plovdiv

    I sell kitchens and chairs in excellent and solid state. The veils are made of grease and wood with a nice wax tap and tser. There are no notes on tap and tar and flock, on all checkers and chairs it is completely sturdy and without stains. ( even sir and ozen and interest i can send more sleep and mk i ). Used and are in the home of a non-smoker and . The price for 5 of the chairs is 40lv / pc, the sixth and seventh chair is light and for note and it is repair and wound (may be the last dream and mka) the price for it is 20lv. If you buy 6 chairs for one, the price is 200lv. In the frames of Plovdiv and in free delivery to the address.

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    Niki's kitchen chair

    37 Пловдив 37 Plovdiv

    Kitchen and chair mass. The price of tap and wound and wound and non-tap and wound is 37 leva.

    08/24 | 11: 19

    Sofa, sofa bed

    350 Пловдив 350 Plovdiv

    2.8 / 1.8 m comfortable, extensible, and in need of laundry, durable and functional , and growing, free transportation to and from Plovdiv!

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    125 Пловдив 125 Plovdiv

    Sell ​​sofa bed and van. Size and - W and roch and - 110 cm - Deep and - 85 cm - In and point and - 80 cm Size and folded and laid - 185/75 cm.

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    The armchair is extensible

    35 Пловдив 35 Plovdiv

    The armchair and ma have a lot of notes and skin and that's why the price is that.

    16.06 | 16: 12

    Sofa - sofa bed

    80 Пловдив 80 Plovdiv

    Well done and it is, a jacquard damask. Size and : -Long and 215cm -in and 40cm

    08/26 | 18: 37

    Sofa sofa bed

    250 Пловдив 250 Plovdiv

    He also promoted Kdenskaya promotion and now from BGN 280 it is now BGN 250. Extend B and B 2.30 m long with chest and 140/190 cm sleeping area. Used for two months without use.

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    Kitchen cabinet - MASSIVE. With dimensions 100/50/85 cm.

    232 Пловдив 232 Plovdiv

    Class and Czech and kitchen and cabinet and made of natural wood-pine. With 2 drawers with roller mech and zoom and 2 doors and . The space under the drawers is divided into two with double and female shelves. Furniture can also be made in the sun and in the dual size, color and distribution. It is natural wood furniture, imported and its sun and duality give the feeling of coziness and warmth. Size and -W-100 / L -50 / H 85 cm. Price-232 lv. We make all kinds of furniture and wood, unbound and Chen and it is model and size and ! More suggested and you can find it at:

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    Kitchen cabinet / kitchen furniture

    500 Пловдив 500 Plovdiv

    I sell sample food. If you are interested please contact me on mob and ln and her phone for info and info.

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    Kitchen counter made of TECHNICAL STONE Plovdiv

    Kitchen and banana countertops and quartz techno and Czech and stone !!! Over 350 colors in stock and honesty !!! Custom size and size, rich color range !!! Quality machining and precision and zen assembly !!! SHOWUM in Plovdiv and at Aleco Konstant Str., Nov 17 032646362

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    Folding corner sofa

    490 Пловдив 490 Plovdiv

    Extension bed and van. Size and 275/180. There are after and after use on the damask. I was with Mr. and . The skin of the forearm and the skin is torn. It is not torn and broken. Everyone is healthy. It is also recommended to use wounds before use. I ordered two boards and champagne-colored boards to glue on to the backrest and the hands. Under one seat and a suitcase for luggage. The bath was purchased before and 5yrs. For 1300lv.

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    Double sofa bed

    100 Пловдив 100 Plovdiv

    Double sofa bed and chest with chest

    06/17 | 12: 41

    Folding corner sofa

    180 Пловдив 180 Plovdiv

    Extendable corner e and van with sunbed. The tap and tar and the flock are a lot to keep, no notes, but they are squeaky and squeaky and in some places it is cracked. That's why its price is that. Size and 140/230. Preferably there is also a live broadcast.

    06/21 | 07: 50

    I sell sofa type sofa with chest.

    450 Пловдив 450 Plovdiv

    The bathtub is in good condition and is exceptional and very comfortable and of high quality with natural text and l. Length 190 cm; 90 cm wide and 90 cm shorter by 175 cm becomes bed 175 by 150. i'm a phone and l and n and you walk. With only for Sir and Oz for and interested and .

    08/25 | 19: 13

    Large folding sofa Videnov

    390 Пловдив 390 Plovdiv

    The bathroom is in excellent condition and it is. There is a deck chair under which you have a closet. It is extensible. It becomes a huge bedroom in an outstretched room.

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    Kitchen sofa "Orange"

    420 Пловдив 420 Plovdiv

    Kitchen and dining room with a size of 1.90m -1.30m with chest and no function and sleep. We send Econt in the country. Why a stool to a bathroom with a price of 45 BGN can be made and made at

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